Insurance Assurance Inc. your premier Cocoa Beach Public Adjuster in Florida. We are the Public Adjuster near you, Cocoa Beach Public Adjuster successfully represents policyholders throughout Scottsmoor, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Merritt Island and all of Central Florida. We are Cocoa Beach residents with our office located in Cocoa Florida since 1999.

A Message from Our Founder

Cocoa Beach Public Adjuster

Martin Frey
Fl Lic. No. D032331

I founded Insurance Assurance Inc. in 1999 as result of my dissatisfaction with both Company and/or Company Adjusters and Public Adjusting firms that I dealt with. I will always Assure my clients that they will never treated the way I was.

About Me

There are many good folks that either work for Insurance companies or Public Adjusting Firms. I am only speaking from my experiences. After my dismay of hiring from y Insurance Carrier and the Public Adjuster i had retained.  I took courses and the exam just to prove to myself that I was correct in my beliefs. When I was first licensed n Florida in the late 90’s there were only a few hundred Public Adjusters.  In 2005 this went to several thousands after the Hurricanes.

 Since first becoming licensed I have had the privilege of providing services to insureds in at least seven different states and three countries. Representing many different people from all walks of life with most types of losses. I have represented National Brands to the Mom and Pop grocery on the corner. From under construction to Historic. Sprawling estates to a quaintest of cottage giving every claim the same courtesy,  consideration and determination. 

I have been privileged to attend several classes and conferences that have included lessens on claims that I have been involved and the take away from each one is always the same, the client  got paid. 

When Do You Need A Public Adjuster?

A. When you simply don’t wish to deal with the claim yourself

B. When the claim is complicated or large.

C. When the insurance company tenders their offer or makes payment get a second opinion from a Public Adjuster It is FREE. 

D. When he carrier is delaying or Denying you claim. 

My Thoughts on Public Adjusters in General

Good Public Adjusters make a significant difference and are necessary in many claims. Most people still have no idea that there is even a such of thing as a Public Adjuster, nor what a Public Adjuster is. Personally and I probably would have never known what a public adjuster was if I would have not had a significant loss occur to my former Business many years ago. 

My thoughts on the Public Adjusting Industry

When NOT to Hire a Public Adjuster

A. When they come knocking on your door or canvassing your neighbor hood. 

B. When they don’t have local references that are verifiable. 

C. Especially after a tragic event Public Adjusters will come from other areas to solicit business and this is not necessarily bad but will they still be in the area when you need them?

D. When they just have a runner or inexperienced person that is there to get you to sign the contract. 

E. When they have insufficient experience to handle your claim.

A Couple of My Personal Experiences Utilizing  Public Adjusters

Experience # 1

Shortly after a personal loss,  I was approached by a Public Adjuster that represented he could help and resolve my claim. This gentleman was formally a company  insurance adjuster and  he seemed very knowledgeable about insurance. After retaining him he quickly lost interest in the claim when I was unwilling to settle my claim or at least make offer to settle my for 25% of the damages I inevitably recovered. My dissatisfaction was the  result of his lack of concern for the actual damages sustained which I believe resulted from his time of be being a company adjuster and then becoming a Public Adjuster simply in attempt to make more money. 


Experience # 2

 In 2003 Hurricane Isabelle damaged a large commercial structure I owned in North Carolina. Knowing the necessity of having a Public Adjuster  but having commitment to my own consumers in Pensacola Florida,  I retained a large Firm to handle the claim as we already had commitments to our consumers. 

This Public Adjusting Firm made claim over $800,000 in damages, although then agreed and signed an Appraisal Award for less than $100,000. I ended up suing them although the only satisfaction I was able to receive recovery as this firm had no Errors or Omissions Insurance. Rather changed their name to a similar one and went back to business as normal. 

Considerations When Hiring a Public Adjuster

I reemphasize Public Adjusters are necessary in many claims and I am not to bash any Public Adjuster.

My main concerns when a Public Adjusters are:

  • Some are only looking for a quick paycheck.
  • Some, learned what they know by being a company adjuster  or from an Insurance Company and never took the time to understand and learn the right way to adjust a claim.
  • With the recent storms, Some Public Adjusters will be coming out of the wood work and going door to door. I have even witnessed an Attorney sitting in the car following behind. 
  • Some of these Public Adjusters are only playing a numbers game seeing how many claims they can sign. Then throw them in a drawer and you rarely hear from them. Knowing that when you get tired and settle they will get their percentage.